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About Us & Testimonials

Best Piano Flash Cards is a product of Music Made Easy, LLC. Music Made Easy, LLC was founded by Jimmy Craig and Chris Cahill, they are two small business owners who work and reside just outside Philadelphia, PA. The beginnings of their first piano card prototype were created in 2011. Jimmy had always searched for an easier way to learn how to play piano. Jimmy tried many methods and always struggled to learn to play the piano. During the summer of 2015, Jimmy created a version of the piano cards that began to show promise to other people who also struggled to learn how to play piano.

Ivy Summons

“I wanted to get my kids into music young but they didn’t seem to be interested in practicing from the piano books I gave them. These piano cards have really held their interest and they like playing now.”

Danie Ocean

“As a musician, I know a lot of music theory but I was surprised to see just how easy these cards were to follow. I really wish I would have had them when I started, it would have made learning a lot more enjoyable”

Chris Cahill

“I like the way the piano cards are easy for people to understand.”

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